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LEYU Adjustable Power Supply
- Aug 25, 2018 -

Our company, Yueqing Leyu company, can make the adjustable power supply with max output 10000W (10KW).

It can adjust from 0V to rated voltage and 0A to rated current. Besides, it has LED display to show the voltage and current status. With on/off swith to control it, the power supply is very safe to use.

1- This power supply can be used for electrolysis/electroplating type experiments and LEDs.

2- It can use long-term output current and voltage.

3- The power supply has over- temperature, over load, over current, short circiut protections.

4- The both outputs (Voltage and current) are 100% adjustable.

Whatsmore, we can add some other additional functions to it, such as PLC connection, 5V signal feedback etc.

If you are interested in this power supply, welcome your inquiries.