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Installation Considerations For Power Supply
- Feb 07, 2018 -

When installing the battery, be sure to observe the following:

1, do not in the sealed space or near the fire to install the battery, otherwise there will be the risk of explosion and fire.

2, do not use vinyl film class may cause static electricity to cover the battery, the production of static electricity can sometimes cause explosions.

3, do not have the possibility of water in the place to install the battery, otherwise there will be electric shock, fire risk.

4, please do not install the battery in more than -40°c~60°c environment.

5. Do not use batteries where there is dust, otherwise it may cause short circuit of battery.

6, the battery into the box to use, pay attention to air circulation.

7, do not have sticky or labeling objects to press the upper lid, because the upper cover under the exhaust valve, the gas generated in the battery will not escape.

8, the number of parallel connection-floating charge, plug-type terminal battery can only be associated with three columns, bolt fastening type terminals without special restrictions, but the number of small parallel reliability increases. In addition, and join the line, it is necessary to consider the wiring between each column conductor and contact resistance equivalent, in order to maintain a balanced battery charge and discharge batteries, the actual use please do not exceed three columns.

9, at the same time the use of different capacity, old and new, different manufacturers of batteries, because of their different characteristics of the value of the battery and the machine may be damaged, so please avoid use.