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Good Idea From Client About LEYU SP-320-48
- Aug 21, 2018 -

LEYU SP-320-48 is our brand switching power supply made per Meanwell specification, it's quality as good as Meanwell, and we have produced this type models for so many years, so we are professional more and more, we can offer more service per client's requirement actually.

Although this type model is good, and have PFC function, its high efficiency is more acceptable by people who want good quality and high-usage.

But some clients need more functions on this model, like for din rail using,so the client suggested that we can make a hole on the model.he said when he received the sample, then talk with us about it.

Like this client, he know his using of his model, and need big quantity of this model, so we can talk more details if he request, also this is good idea for another clients.

Our LEYU company have 11 years in this field, so if you have more good idea or specially requirement, we all can talk more, just want make more usage models for every client.