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Basic Functions Of UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
- Feb 07, 2018 -

1). Voltage stability---a mains voltage is susceptible to the power transmission line quality, from the transformer substation more near the user voltage is higher than 130~120v, far from the substation user voltage is lower than 100~90v, the voltage is too high or too low will make the user equipment life, serious will burn equipment, The use of online ups can provide a stable voltage power supply, voltage changes less than 2V, can prolong the equipment life and protection equipment.

2). Power outage Protection---instantaneous power supply by UPS to convert the battery DC power source to AC power.

3). High or low voltage protection---when a mains voltage or too low, UPS built-in voltage regulator (AVR) will make appropriate adjustments, to keep the mains voltage in the available range, if the voltage is too low or too high over the available range, UPS will convert the battery DC power supply to the AC power to protect the user equipment.

4). Frequency is stable---a mains frequency is divided into 50hz/60hz two kinds, the so-called frequency is every second change of cycle, 50Hz is 50 weeks per second, Taiwan mains frequency is 60Hz, the mainland is 50Hz. When the generator is operated by a sudden change in the power consumption of the client, the change of rotational speed will make the converted power frequency drift, and the UPS power supply can provide a stable frequency.

5). Waveform Distortion Processing---one because power is transmitted to the client via transmission and distribution lines, the use of various machinery and equipment, often caused by the distortion of the mains voltage waveform, because the waveform distortion will produce harmonic * equipment and will make the power system transformer temperature rise, the general requirements of the distortion rate of 5%, general ups design distortion rate of 3%.