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Manufacturing process of power inverter
- Feb 07, 2018 -

1. Power Inverter Manufacturing has SMT patch technology, what is SMT patch technology?

"SMT" is called "Automatic programming Mounter", "SMD" is actually a kind of encapsulation form of resistance capacity components. Its high precision, small size, high degree of automation, component welding reliability is good, power inverter is through SMT to achieve product processing and production.

2. What is a single-chip computer?

Usually through the CPU microprocessor to achieve high and low voltage alarm, protection and other parameters and functions of the power inverter model is called a monolithic model.

3. What is a simulator?

By separating the components to realize the power inverter various parameters of the function of the model, known as the simulator.

4. What are the performance characteristics of power inverter?

The Power inverter converts the dc12v to 220V. It has the following features:

1 input high voltage, low voltage alarm and protection.

2 overload protection.

3 instantaneous impact twice times the rated power.

4 overload, short-circuit protection.